Report: Mick Jagger ‘settling down’ with woman from Williamsburg

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WILLIAMSBURG – Melanie Hamrick, a soloist at the American Ballet Theatre company in New York, is dating Mick Jagger, 75, from the Rolling Stones.

And she’s from Williamsburg.

The Sun reported Jagger might be settling down with the professional ballet dancer.

The 31-year-old studied under Sandra Balestracci at the Eastern Virginia School for Performing Arts for a number of years, said Patti Vaticano, office manager and registrar.

Vaticano said Balestracci performed as lead ballerina at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for two decades.

“She’s an amazing lady by the way,” Vaticano said.

Vaticano tried to facilitate a contact between Balestracci and WYDaily on Monday, but Balestracci could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to the Hamrick’s biography on the American Ballet Theatre’s website, after attending EVSPA, Hamrick left to study at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. under Alla Sizova, Nicolai Morozov and Adrienne Dellas.

Hamrick joined the American Ballet Theatre in 2004 and her roles include Calliope in Apollo, lead D’Jampe, a Shade and Pas d’Action in La Bayadère.

She started dating Jagger in 2014 and the pair have a son, Deveraux The Sun reported.

Screenshot of Melanie Hamrick's public Facebook page (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Melanie Hamrick)
Screenshot of Melanie Hamrick’s public Facebook page (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Melanie Hamrick)

WYDaily reached out to Hamrick, her family and a colleague — they did not immediately respond for comment.

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