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Furry Friends Feature: And the Photo Contest Winners Are …

The results are in for the fourth annual Hello Summer Pet Photo Contest at The Heritage Humane Society. Did your pet make the cut? If so, not only will they have bragging rights, they’ll also be one of 13 winners to be included in the new pet photo contest calendar. After all, studies continually show that pictures of cute animals increase humans’ well-being, focus and attention.

Winning dopamine boosters

This year, 44 pets were entered into the popular contest. Dogs, a rabbit, a bearded dragon and even a cow were contestants. The Hello Summer Pet Photo Contest ran from May 20 through June 17, where the public could vote for their favorite mug shot, grin or heart-melting pet.

Of the 44 pet contestants, the pet-loving public cast 8,740 votes. A total of $8,133 was raised for the homeless pets of The Heritage Humane Society.

The 13 winners are Corrine, Winston Starling, Shotzie, Marley Blu, Jinxie, Gracie, Bella, Kevin, AlpoChino, Sheriff Andy, Chelsea, Foscoe, and Grayson. There are 10 dogs, two cats, and one cow.

The first-place winner is Corrine with 755 votes. This sweet girl is an alumnus of The Heritage Humane Society whose story started with grave concern and resulted in success. She was adopted by shelter volunteer extraordinaire, Manitee Keith.

“Corrine came into The Heritage Humane Society as a stray. Two days later I took her home to foster and she never left. She’s come so far from the haggard, emaciated shell of a dog that she was. She’s blossomed into a sassy and sweet little angel baby that the entire family dotes over. She’s our very own movie star, turning heads wherever we go,” shares Keith. “People stare and point and always want to talk about her and I tell them how bad off she was and how her life is beautiful now. She’s seven pounds of utter adorableness and we love her so much.”

Photoshoot models

Each of the 13 winners will receive a complimentary photo session with our generous partner, Sweet Ellie Photography. Of the photos, one will be included in The Heritage Humane Society’s first-ever Hello Summer Pet Photo Contest calendar.

First place winner Corrine will grace the cover. The first-ever Hello Summer Pet Photo Contest calendar will be available for purchase in the winter. People will be able to purchase the calendars at The Heritage Humane Society’s popular reTAIL store. Each contest winner will receive complimentary calendars. Proceeds from the calendar will benefit HHS.

Camera-ready, adoptable pets

The shelter is filled with homeless pets who are eager to have forever homes and ready themselves for future photo contests.

Nearly 240 dogs, cats and small pets are currently in their care. Adoptable pets are available to meet during The Heritage Humane Society’s visiting and adopting hours from 12 to 4:30 p.m., Tues. through Sun.

To learn more, visit, call 757-221-0150, or visit The Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

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