Monday, March 4, 2024

Providence Classical School Fall Enrollment Opens Next Week


Providence Classical School will be accepting applications for the 2024 – 2025 school year starting on February 12, 2024! We were recognized as one of the top Christian high schools in America in 2023 and we are dedicated to serving our local families the best quality of classical Christian education.

We have been fortunate to experience growth from 26 students in Grades Kindergarten to 3rd at our opening in 2001 to our current 226 students spanning Junior Kindergarten to 12th grade. Over the years, we have expanded our educational offering beyond our core academic subjects to include a popular theatre program, a sturdy athletics program, robust 6th – 12th grade science fairs, a thriving strings program for Kindergarten to 5th Grade students, and a biennial trip to Europe to discover the roots of our Western Civilization.

There are several facets of our pedagogy and programs that provide our students with a distinctively different education. In elementary school, students classify sentences and study Latin to establish a strong foundation for effective oral and written communications. Middle school students are taught Logic to equip them in identifying right thinking. A primary focus in high school, our Rhetoric School, is the skills of rhetoric. These skills will have been inculcated through four years of Harkness Discussions, where students are trained to research thoroughly, to reason logically, to listen well, and to discuss topics critically and civilly with their classmates. Preeminently, a Christian worldview enables them to consider all subjects as integrated through the truth that God is the divine creator of all existing things and within whom all that is true, good, and beautiful have their origin.

Social and service engagements are offered to our middle and high school students through membership in one of four Houses. Each House bears the name of a United States’ Founding Father and represents specific classical virtues. Through these Houses, the students build friendships, engage in a variety of team-building and good-natured competitions, participate in acts of patriotism, and serve the school and local community through volunteer opportunities.

Prior to seniors graduating, they will have met individually with our college counselor all four years of high school to set post-graduation goals; had a week-long internship with a local business in their junior year; and at the end of their senior year, completed and presented to the school community a year-long refined fine arts project and senior thesis.

As we provide a classical Christian education to hundreds of students, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with their parents, knowing the primary role they play in raising their children. Our success in helping nurture discerning and courageous students starts with us providing a space for our children to really love learning!

PCS’s mission is to provides a classical, Christ-centered education, equipping students with a thorough biblical world and life view, that captures their affections, and enables them to discern, articulate, and live truth.

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