Thursday, February 22, 2024

Chesapeake Bank rolls out new Virtual Gift Card product

Customers of Chesapeake Bank have a new product to enjoy in their Online Banking platform –ChesBank Virtual Gift Cards. In collaboration with their partner, Prizeout, any Chesapeake Bank customer can send a virtual gift card via email or text to anyone of their choosing.

“It is a unique product for our customers with the receiver getting a free bonus amount added to their virtual gift card, at no extra cost to the sender, helping their money go farther,” said DJ Seeterlin, SVP Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer of Chesapeake Bank. “The virtual marketplace allows customers to explore numerous options, execute purchases and gifting effortlessly, and enjoy flexible rewards from the security of the Online Banking environment.”

Chesapeake Bank saw increased adoption over the holiday season, and is also beginning to engage with local merchants and businesses who want to explore the platform as a marketing tool.

“It is a performance-based marketing program that connects our customers with local businesses in order to support shopping local,” said Amber Saloka, VP Business Relationship Manager of Chesapeake Bank. “These businesses enjoy great value in guaranteeing revenue, retaining users, cost-effective acquisition, and a simple setup process. We look forward to discussing our program with more local merchants this year to grow the marketplace of local options for our customers.”

Interested local merchants and businesses who want to get involved can reach out to Amber Saloka by phone (757-941-1312) or by email ( to learn more.

As for how it works for Chesapeake Bank customers, simply follow these steps in your Online Banking mobile app or desktop:

  1. Login to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking App
  2. Navigate to Menu/Dashboard
  3. Click on Payments & Transfers
  4. Select “Send a Virtual Gift Card”
  5. Discover a selection of participating merchants, complete with a BONUS amount at NO CHARGE to you or your recipient!

Don’t forget the Chesapeake Bank Solution Center can help answer any questions you have (877-436-9032) – which just extended their service hours – take a look for yourself!

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