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Community Business: Kate’s Sweet Bakes

Kate Gerena of Kate’s Sweet Bakes (Courtesy of Kate Gerena)

WILLIAMSBURG— Kate Gerena had no idea that her niche baking business would take off in the space of a year.

“I have always been the ‘bring a dessert to the function’ girl, and I love seeing people’s faces light up when they see and taste my goods. It makes me feel amazing, spreading that happiness to people, so I decided to open my business to make sure I can do it forever,” Gerena said.

Kate’s Sweet Bakes is a local bakeshop that offers anything and everything that can be baked in an oven — cookies and brownies, cakes, breads, loafs, cupcakes and more. Her cupcake menu rotates weekly.

The business primarily visits farmers markets throughout the area, but also offers custom creations.

“I love to be more personal with my customers. I want them to want to come back and order from me, not only because they love my goods, but because they love the service I give them and how much I truly care about each and every order I make, knowing how important it is to them,” Gerena said.

With so many local bakeries in the area, Gerena tries to come up with new, creative flavors for all of her products. From Key Lime Pie cupcakes to chocolate crunch brownies, there is nothing that Gerena won’t try.

“Being a small bakery business, it is hard to stand out, so I make sure that I am always attentive and that my goods are always up to my high standards to impress people that try anything — especially when trying something new. That’s why I love all the cookie flavors I carry, and that I rotate a seasonal flavor every now and again to change things up,” Gerena said.

Just a few of Kate Green’s creations. (Courtesy of Kate Gerena)

While creating new flavors is one of her hobbies, she also makes sure to offer the classics.

Whether attending markets or creating something specific for a customer, Gerena is grateful to those who keep coming back for more of her creations.

“My goal is to put a smile on everyone’s face with my goods, no matter the occasion or the dietary restrictions,” Gerena said.

While she has only been in business for a year, she has quickly bonded with her fellow military families in the area.

“I love being in this area because my husband is military and it’s so nice to be around so much of U.S. history and so many other military families and being able to relate to each other and find comfort in new places,” Gerena said.

Gerena takes orders regularly through email, Facebook, and Instagram. She also regularly posts what farmers markets she will be visiting on her Facebook page.

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