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Women of Business: Meet Beth Corson of Full Circle Yoga + Pilates

The Team at Full Circle Yoga + Pilates (Provided by Full Circle Yoga + Pilates)

WILLIAMSBURG– Full Circle Yoga + Pilates studio owner, Beth Corson, began her journey as an entrepreneur later in life, this is her experience. 

Corson opened her studio back in 2019. Before that, Corson describes her life as a “patchwork quilt of experience.” She was in property management and studied athletic training in college; using these skills to her advantage after discovering yoga later in life she decided to open her studio to share it with others.

“I had come to yoga later in life, I was in my mid-forties after I had kids and just found it to be more than a workout,” Corson shared about her experience. “It was really great for me emotionally and physically and mentally and I wanted to share that. So I thought there was space in Williamsburg for another yoga studio so I decided to open one.”

The studio had its grand opening in Feb. 2020 and was open for exactly six weeks before the shutdown due to COVID-19. Corson finds the experience to be both the worst and best time to have been open.

“When things were really scary and we didn’t know if we’d be able to reopen or what that was going to look like, just knowing that we had those people that we could serve and knowing that they were supporting us, it was great,” Corson said as she remembered the early days of the studio.

Corson says her experience as a women business owner has been great. She feels her experience running her own business is just like any other business owner’s.

“For the most part, I think that owning a business in any financial climate is a challenge and I think that I face the same challenges as any man would,” Corson explained. “What I do appreciate is that there is a community of women who do own businesses that provide opportunities for women to connect.”

Corson hopes that the studio can continue to grow and stay vibrant, thanks to the support of her husband and the community, with the chance to expand its space and offer more classes to help people in the community experience a moment of pause away from their busy lives.

“Be very clear on your vision,” Corson says as her advice to others who wish to start their own business. “Be very clear on your principles and your moral compass and have confidence in what you’re offering.”

“For me personally on my journey: you have to go through a lot of darkness,” Corson continued. “You have to really try, there are a lot of failures and a lot of challenges, but if you have a very clear sense of purpose and you have confidence in what you’re offering as well as a support system, you’ll stay true to yourself.”

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