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Brews and Bites: Williamsburg Resident Hopes to Bring Traditional Tearoom to the Area

Williamsburg resident Elffie LaChance wants to bring the traditional tearoom experience to the Historic Triangle. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Elffie LaChance)

WILLIAMSBURG — Elffie LaChance wants to bring a new business to the Historic Triangle that harkens back to a more elegant time, while also providing a space for friends and family to gather.

LaChance first got the idea to start her own tearoom at the beginning of this year.

“People always ask why we don’t have a tearoom in Williamsburg,” LaChance said. “Where is that Victorian style tearoom, especially here in Williamsburg?”

LaChance created the idea for The Gathering Tearoom with the theme, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to gather again?”

“It made me really think about the fact that we’re still in this COVID situation, but oh how we long to get out, be with each other, and gather back together,” she said.

Whether it’s for a bridal party, baby shower or just friends getting together, LaChance wants The Gathering Tea to be a spot where folks can temporarily go back in time, dress up and enjoy high tea service with light meals and desserts.

She just needs to find a place to open.

Her husband, now retired from the U.S. Air Force, was stationed in the area back in 2010, during which time LaChance ran her own sculpted cake business.

After moving to Maryland, LaChance began catering and making her own tea setups, including scones and sandwiches.

Just last year, LaChance and her family moved back to Williamsburg.

After returning to the Historic Triangle, LaChance realized that Williamsburg was filled with coffee shops, but that the closest tearooms were in Suffolk or Virginia Beach.

While LaChance said that coffee shops may be a good place for people to study or to do work, but she wanted The Gathering Tearoom to be an experience.

LaChance wants The Gathering Tearoom to be an “experience.”(WYDaily/Courtesy of Elffie LaChance)

“My vision for The Gathering Tearoom is a place for those that want to dress up and feel special,” she said. “It’s about feeling good and doing something for yourself.”

LaChance is currently searching for a location, hoping to land somewhere around Williamsburg that is central for tourists and locals to visit.

With a goal to open by the end of the year, LaChance remains optimistic.

“I’m being very patient right now for that right spot,” she said.

For now, LaChance continues to update her community with The Gathering Tearoom’s development and progress on Facebook.

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