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Staring in January, Virginia residents won't be able to hold their cell phone while driving. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Unsplash)

Put down the phone: The cell phone ban starts in January

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Residents in the Historic Triangle won’t be able to hold their cell phone while driving starting Jan. 1. Come the new year, a new law...

City of Williamsburg assistance program helps 143 children get gifts this Christmas

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Even Santa needs help delivering toys sometimes. The City of Williamsburg’s Department of Human Services invited families to come and “shop” for toys as part...

Did you get a chance to watch Williamsburg’s State of the City Address? Here are the highlights

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The city of Williamsburg aired its first ever virtual State of the City Address Thursday night. The hour-long video consisted of pre-recorded statements from City...

Here’s what you need to know if your driver’s license has expired – or about to expire during the pandemic

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Some people have not renewed their driver’s license in person before the expiration date because of the coronavirus pandemic concerns. So how are local law...

Give thanks by helping those in need: Here’s a list of local food drives

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This Thanksgiving, as families across the country gather around the table to give thanks, some families will have little to nothing to eat. These local...

Williamsburg Police is having their own food drive this year. Here’s how you can help out

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Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year because of the pandemic, but thanks to local food drives, many families won’t go hungry...
Williamsburg Police cruiser (WYDaily file)

Swearing charge, really? Well, it’s been removed, but here’s the deal in the Historic Triangle

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Virginia residents can’t be charged for cursing in public anymore. On March 4, the General Assembly voted to change a section of Virginia code ––...
Election Day is Tuesday. Do you know what to expect at the Historic Triangle polling stations? Above: Vote here sign outside of the City Center satellite polling station in Newport News on Friday, Oct. 30. (WYDaily/ Julia Marsigliano)

Election Day security: What can voters in the Historic Triangle expect Tuesday?

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Election Day is Tuesday and law enforcement agencies in the Historic Triangle are getting ready. So what sort of security measures can voters expect at...