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Julie Smith shows photos of her sons from her cell at Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. (WYDaily/ Lucretia Cunningham)

Lucretia Cunningham: Hello, journalism

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Although I've only worked at Local Voice for a little more than seven months, I've written hundreds of stories starting on the Southside and...

Gunman’s motive for killing 12 people in the May 31 Municipal Center massacre remains elusive

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- By the time the 911 call came in on May 31, the shooter had already killed 10 victims on his rampage...

‘VB Strong’ art makes its debut in the Virginia Beach ViBe District

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- When artist, Parrish Majestic, heard a survivor of the May 31 mass shooting tragedy frequented Evofit gym in the ViBe Creative...

This center is for victims, families, first responders, and residents affected by the May 31 tragedy

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- In partnership with Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, the city is planning to open and operate a long-term recovery center for...

The Treasurer’s Office is opening a location on Sabre Street with the Planning Department. Here’s what’s up

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Since May 31, city leaders have been working to relocate the 384 displaced employees who worked in Building 2 and are...

VB Ministers Conference: City auditor and Hillard Heintze have conflicting messages on mass shooting independent probe

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Continuing what they said was their calling to be the voice for those who are without, the Virginia Beach Interdenominational Ministers...

City will re-launch the survey asking about a May 31 memorial before its 1-year anniversary

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- City Council heard results Tuesday from the survey that laid out options for a future memorial site and the fate of...

They will walk more than 2K miles in the name of VB Strong

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Born and raised here, Daryl Fischer said after the May 31 shooting tragedy he like others in the community felt the...