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Juneteenth is the oldest nationally-recognized commemoration of the official end of slavery in the United States. (WYDaily/Wikimedia Commons)

Learning history: Juneteenth might be taught in local classrooms next year

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Many students might not know the significance of Juneteenth, but that could change in coming years. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally-recognized commemoration of the official...

School resource officers: Necessary or not?

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School Resource Officers have been a staple in schools across the country for various reasons, but after the death of George Floyd, some are...
Generations of black children have heard messages from their parents about how to be safe around law enforcement. But after the death of George Floyd, people across the country are protesting and demanding change. (WYDaily/ Alexa Doiron)

A world of ‘don’t’: How black and white families teach their children about racial injustice

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As the father of two African American sons, Philip Canady has taught them from a young age how to protect themselves because of the...

Annual equity report shows concerning issues with racial discipline gaps in WJCC

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The Village Initiative released their second annual equity report for Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools and numbers show some growing concerns. “I think it’s really...
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Juneteenth has passed, but do local students know about its significance?

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As June comes to a close, many students are enjoying their summer without realizing an important historic event has passed. “The teaching of the history...
Daniel Miani is the new principal at Lafayette High School. (WYDaily/Courtesy WJCC)

Lafayette High School moves forward under new leadership

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Lafayette High School will see more than one change in leadership for the coming school year. The school’s previous principal, Kimberly Holleman, submitted her resignation...
Kimberly Hollemon submitted her resignation as principal of Lafayette High School on Thursday. (WYDaily/Courtesy of LHSPrin_WJCC Twitter)

Questions remain surrounding the resignation of Lafayette High School principal — and officials decline to elaborate

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After officials announced placing her on administrative leave Monday, Lafayette High School’s principal has officially resigned, according to an email from Williamsburg-James City County...
The social makeup of the current high school districting is becoming less diverse as people try to purchase homes zoned for a particular area, said Supervisor Jim Ichenhour. (WYDaily/Courtesy WJCC School Board)

Where you buy your home could impact student education. Here’s why

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In Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, the school board tries to keep each school at equal quality but as ideas spread of which school...