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Bug Round-Up: Revisit Some of WYDaily’s Insect/Arachnid-Related Stories

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REGIONAL -- Bugs, bugs everywhere... Insects and arachnids are out in full-force in the Historic Triangle. Let's revisit a few of WYDaily's articles about...

Invasive Insect Poses Large Threat to Virginia Crops

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STATEWIDE -- An invasive insect could be detrimental to crops in Virginia if it continues to spread.  The Spotted Lanternfly, or Lycorma delicatula, is a...
Spotted Lanternfly nymphs eat a wide variety of plants. (Courtesy photo/VDACS)

China-based spotted lanternfly hits Virginia, threatens state’s wine industry

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Fruit and vegetable plants, as well as trees in Greater Williamsburg, could soon become the home to a new invasive bug that spreads fungus...