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As time has gone on, a new type of water sport has slowly become more popular along county’s waterways: Paddleboarding. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Paddle On of Williamsburg)

Paddle the Chickahominy River with the Beat the Clock Challenge

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WILLIAMSBURG -- The Williamsburg Boat Club and Paddle On of Williamsburg invites the paddle community for an exciting, outdoor challenge. Beat the Clock will take...

Mountain Bike Cross Country Races Will Take Place at York River

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WILLIAMSBURG -- This weekend, Williamsburg has the perfect day planned for mountain bikers. The event, Sunday Sizzle at York River State Park, 9801 York River...

These summer-long events teach kids valuable lessons — through skateboarding

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The skate park across the parking lot from the James City County Recreation Center is a popular spot — and earlier this month it was...
Pickleball's popularity has exploded in Williamsburg, with the local club, Pickleburg, doubling its number of members since March 2018. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Jeff Anthony)

Pickle what? Well, April is the month for it

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It’s a game that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong and is played with paddles and a light-weight perforated plastic ball (think wiffle...
While institutions of higher learning are created with the mission of education, athletics have started to take up large portions of colleges' operating budgets. (WYDaily/Courtesy Tribe Athletics)

Men’s basketball topped by Delaware’s second-half shooting in CAA quarterfinals

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'A tale of two halves,' is a common adage in the game of basketball but Sunday's Colonial Athletic Association Quarterfinal between William & Mary...

This childhood game is adding kicks to adult lives

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Back in high school, Rachael O’Donnell only played sports when she had to in gym class. As for her husband, Ryan, he was one...

The ‘largest’ kids fitness event on the East Coast is in Virginia Beach. Here’s the skinny

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VIRGINIA BEACH — Flex 4 Change will have its 5th annual Kids Bash, a fitness event for kids, on Aug. 25. Kids Bash is the largest...