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Senior Softball League’s Popularity Continues to Grow

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WILLIAMSBURG -- The Williamsburg Senior Softball League (WSSL) came about to give older adults an opportunity to play a game at fun and competitive...

Chickahominy Riverfront Park Hosts REV3 Triathlon Events with Impacts to Local Traffic this Weekend

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JAMES CITY COUNTY -- The REV3 Triathlon may cause road delays on Route 5 near Chickahominy Riverfront Park (CRP) on Saturday, June 26 and...

Quarterpath Recreation Center Set To Reopen to the Public

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WILLIAMSBURG -- After more than a year of being shut down and used as a makeshift school program facility, the Quarterpath Recreation Center will...
Pickleball's popularity has exploded in Williamsburg, with the local club, Pickleburg, doubling its number of members since March 2018. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Jeff Anthony)

Local Pickleball Website Connects Players

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WILLIAMSBURG -- It's name is Pickleburg. No that is not a typo, nor does it have anything to do with any food item preserved...

Take a Trip to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with JCC Parks and Rec

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JAMES CITY COUNTY -- Join the Lounge on a trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond on Wednesday, June 16. The guided tour features...
Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. (WYDaily/ File photo)

James City County To Offer Introduction to Pickleball Class

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WILLIAMSBURG -- For anyone who has driven by one of the parks in the Williamsburg area and spotted residents playing a game that looks...

Jamestown 4-H Educational Center will hold Good Shot Judy benefit concert

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WILLIAMSBURG -- This month, Good Shot Judy fans will be able to enjoy an evening of big band music, while supporting outdoor and environmental...
While many head to the outdoors during the pandemic, there are still those who face barriers to access at public spaces. (WYDaily/James City County Parks and Recreation Facebook)

Check out these May events from JCC Parks and Recreation

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JAMES CITY COUNTY -- Who doesn't love to go outside and enjoy warm weather? James City County Parks and Recreation announced a series of...