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Julie Smith shows photos of her sons from her cell at Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. (WYDaily/ Lucretia Cunningham)

Lucretia Cunningham: Hello, journalism

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Although I've only worked at Local Voice for a little more than seven months, I've written hundreds of stories starting on the Southside and...

Gunman’s motive for killing 12 people in the May 31 Municipal Center massacre remains elusive

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- By the time the 911 call came in on May 31, the shooter had already killed 10 victims on his rampage...

May 31 mass shooting victims’ families to hear investigation update from VB Police

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Families and survivors of the May 31 mass shooting are being invited to a Virginia Beach Police Department presentation of criminal investigation...

May 31 independent probe might take longer than expected

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Arnette Heintze, CEO of Hillard Heintze, stood in front of City Council during their workshop Tuesday and provided the first public...

VB Ministers Conference: City auditor and Hillard Heintze have conflicting messages on mass shooting independent probe

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Continuing what they said was their calling to be the voice for those who are without, the Virginia Beach Interdenominational Ministers...

If you ask this organization, City Manager Dave Hansen should be fired ‘swiftly and immediately’

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Members of the Virginia Beach Interdenominational Ministers Conference wrote in a letter to Mayor Bobby Dyer, "In the words of the late Fannie Lou...

VB top cop will not release PD’s probe into the mass shooting until the independent review is done. And the auditor said this

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- With more than 280 interviews conducted and the investigation into the officer-involved shooting that killed the gunman on May 31 complete,...

Ryan ‘Keith’ Cox talked about ‘unfair treatment’ at work for years

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Ryan "Keith" Cox will forever be known as a hero after survivors of the May 31 mass shooting credited him with...