Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Heads up York County: Mosquito spraying has begun

York County residents may be experiencing fewer mosquito bites in the near future.

York County Mosquito Control has begun spraying in the area where they have traps set around locations that have dense mosquito populations. The times of spraying occur typically around midnight, when other insect populations, such as bees, are not active. They also spray late at night as to avoid disrupting civilian life, according to the county.

Mosquito Control has three different traps used to catch mosquitoes — one specifically targets mosquitoes that have taken a blood meal, and those are the insects that are tested for West Nile virus.

Elizabeth Hodson, Mosquito Control’s operations superintendent, said there are three types of mosquitoes in the area, and not all species carry disease. They do test for West Nile virus, which originally comes from mosquitoes biting birds.

The spray Mosquito Control uses is a pesticide, but it does not remain on plant leaves or weeds. The spray contains a benign simulator that attracts only mosquitoes and kills them when they fly through it, Hodson said.

Hodson advises people to dump any standing water on their properties, and if there are rain barrels, adding fish to the barrel helps prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Mosquito Control offers free yard inspections for York County residents. They also keep a do-not-spray list in order to protect beekeepers’ hives.

Residents who would like to know where and when spraying occurs can sign up for email or text alerts.


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