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Where We Live: Sandbridge luxury home with arcade for ‘sophisticated gamers’

VIRGINIA BEACH — When it comes to games, one luxury home doesn’t play around.

This three-story, 10-bedroom estate in Sandbridge has a state-of-the-art arcade featuring a broad, diverse game selection for children, adults and seniors can enjoy. It also features an indoor and outdoor pool, a gym, theater room and large windows that give the inside natural light and an ocean view.

Sandbridge Realty marketing director Lisa Roland said the homeowner went to great lengths to give its guests a unique gaming experience for “sophisticated gamers.” Roland describes this type of person to be someone who doesn’t just plug their Xbox in a television to play to play Grand Theft Auto.

“It’s for somebody who has traveled, and has been to Vegas, or frequented bars that have games people can play sitting at the bar,” Roland said. “The owner has everything classic but in a modern sense.”

The arcade features a tabletop gaming station called the JVL Echo with 140 games like Trivial Pursuit and more, an Arcade Legends 3 machine and a video poker slot machine straight out of Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

It also has a large console with joysticks called the X-Arcade machine that connects to a 50-inch high definition monitor. This machine has 240 video games from companies like Sega, Capcom, Namco and Midway, including Pacman, Mortal Kombat, Galaga, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more.

Aside from electronics, guests can enjoy classic games like billiards, corn hole and ping pong.

The home, located on Sandfiddler Road, is near the North Bay, a few miles away from the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and yards away from the Atlantic Ocean.

The home’s furniture ranges from Tommy Bahama, Stanley’s Coastal Living, Kincaid and more, all outsourced by the homeowner’s Richmond business Home Gallery Stores. An interior designer from Chesapeake helped decorate the home.

“He has more outdoor furniture than any house in Sandbridge by a huge margin,” Roland said. “He’s also got the largest singular block of granite on a kitchen island in the area.”

This vacation home is currently available to rent at weekly or three-day periods from Sandbridge Realty under the listing “Blue Horizon.”

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