Wednesday, November 29, 2023

While cold in Norfolk, nowhere near a record low

While the temperature in Richmond broke a record low Monday morning, Norfolk stayed 11 degrees warmer than its lowest ever measurement, meteorologists say.

At 5 a.m., the temperature in Norfolk was 22 degrees — cold, but no match for the 11-degree record low set in the area in 1970, said Wakefield National Weather Service Meteorologist Alec Butner.

“The Northeast winds off the water helped keep (Norfolk) a little warmer than everyone else,” Butner said.

A new record was set in Richmond, with the temperature hitting zero degrees around 7 a.m. The former record, 1 degree Fahrenheit, was set in Richmond in 1940.

Southside temperatures are expected to rise on Monday into the upper 20s, nearing 30 degrees. Higher temperatures and sunshine should continue to melt the six inches of snow seen in the area, Butner said.

While the snow partially melted in Sunday’s sunshine, it re-froze Monday morning due to low temperatures, according to an AccuWeather forecast.

Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the week, hitting the low 60s by Thursday and staying there through Friday, Butner said.

“By the end of the week the snow will be gone,” he said.

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