Tuesday, May 17, 2022

New Chamber of Commerce survey debunks millennial myths

Local youth volunteers mulched a trail in Lake Smith/Lake Lawson area Wednesday (Hillary Smith/ Southside Daily)
Local youth volunteers in June 2016. (Hillary Smith/ Southside Daily)

A new study from tHRive, a program for young professionals from the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, is debunking stereotypes that millennials are lazy, technology-obsessed and self-centered.

In fact, they’re anything but — the 1,300 millennials involved in tHRive answered a survey saying they were most interested in mentoring children and cleaning up the community.

According to the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, the millennials who answered the survey were also interested in assisting the homeless, animals and the ill. Many also got involved in Relay for Life — a national program that raises money for cancer research.

Of the people who answered the survey, nearly 60 percent preferred volunteer activities that spanned a few hours, as opposed to day-long activities. Almost 80 percent said they’d volunteer again within the next two months.

tHRive, which engages about 1,300 young professionals in the Hampton Roads area, focuses on three major goals: professional development, cultivating relationships and community engagement. It has sponsorships from a number of local companies, including GEICO and Young Veterans Brewery Co.

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