ICYMI: Forgotten Baby, gun disposal, the plan, lock it, death talk, and more

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It’s real

Over the last 20 years across the United States there have been more than 700 instances of children dying – most of them 3 years of age or younger – after being forgotten in a car, usually in hot weather. READ MORE.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome is real and can be deadly

Where do they go?

All firearms seized by the department are tagged into property evidence units. The firearms are then traced through the system to see if an owner is registered. READ MORE.

What happens to guns seized by Hampton Police?

Here’s the plan

The plan will help chart the first 100 days of service while also providing accountability to the School Board and community. READ MORE.

Here’s what Newport News’ superintendent has planned for his first 100 days

Did you remember?

The Newport News Police Department is now encouraging residents to lock up their homes and vehicles using the social media hashtag, #9PMRoutine. READ MORE.

Newport News Police join #9PMRoutine. Here’s what it is

Let’s talk about death

There are times families of those who have been in hospice for a while and have died would come Marcella Williams not knowing what their loved ones wanted because it wasn’t brought up. READ MORE.

Other stories people were talking about:

Recent rains impact Chesapeake Bay, marine research

Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science have observed both positive and negative effects from the reduced salinity and storminess, with impacts on everything from algal blooms to fish distributions, oyster mortality and disease prevalence, the conduct of in-lab experiments, and the incidence of low-oxygen dead zones. READ MORE.

The First 2,000: The most important days of a child’s life

Can a child follow direction? Can they sit and listen to a story? How will the child interact with his or her peers? Those are all important skills to have before starting school and things parents can work on with their children. READ MORE.

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