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Antique Automobile Club of America Annual Convention Coming to Williamsburg

A 1957 Chevorlet Nomad. (Antique Automobile Club of America)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) will host its annual convention and awards banquet in Williamsburg this weekend, Feb. 9-11.

AACA is the most prominent club recognizing antique automobiles in the country, with more than 15,000 members. The organization classifies any car 25 years old or older as an antique. It holds shows and tours across the country throughout the year, recently wrapping up its first national show of 2023 — the AACA Winter Nationals — in Miami.


The club hosts an annual meeting every year, and currently, 400 people are registered to attend this year’s event in Williamsburg.

A 1912 Cadillac. (Antique Automobile Club of America)

Awards will be handed out for the best of 2022 in various categories, and tours to areas in and around Williamsburg will be available for recipients. There will also be seminars for attendees to learn about cars and topics such as the best oil and wax, and speakers will be on hand to talk on topics ranging from the Indianapolis 500 to the NASA lunar lander. An on-site trade show will offer a variety of items, including battery chargers, polishers and remote control racers.

Tours are scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 9. Vendor displays and seminars are slated for Feb. 10-11.

To register, a fully-paid AACA membership is required. Annual membership is $45 dollars, $12 for students, and grants access to any of AACA’s nationwide events.

“If you have any interest at all in an antique car, you don’t have to own one, you should belong to the Antique Automobile Club,” Jim Elliott, Yorktown resident, Convention chair, and past President of the AACA said.

This year’s convention takes place at the Double Tree in Williamsburg. For more information about the convention, joining AACA or any of its presentations, check out the official event page on the AACA website.

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