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Frothy Moon Enters Orbit Phase

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — After six months in business, Frothy Moon Brewhouse owners Conor Halfpenny and Melissa Trainum feel they are finally reaching the orbit phase of the journey.

Located on Jamestown Road, the community-driven coffee and beer brewhouse hybrid is a concept that percolated over time to fill a void in the area.

“The concept stemmed from a few different things but, a major factor was folks heading to the 7-Eleven to grab a coffee or drink before sitting on the ferry,” states Halfpenny, realizing an opportunity that the future business could take. “Another big part is, we are here at 6 a.m. every morning brewing beer anyway. So, why keep the doors closed? Why not take advantage of those hours?”

The brewhouse boasts there is something for everyone. It serves a variety of coffees, craft beers, prosecco, ciders, and in-house-made non-alcoholic root beer. Hand-made sandwiches, muffins, and pastries provided by Aromas Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Bakery are also available for purchase.

Frothy Moon (Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

A former garden center, Frothy Moon Brewhouse utilized the outdoor space, transforming it into a family-friendly area with firepits, an outdoor stage, plenty of seating, as well as games and a miniature putt-putt green.

“Our hope is to bring some love to this side of the community,” said Halfpenny.

“We really want to appeal to everyone that walks into our establishment,” added Trainum.

Being a community-led business is a huge focus for Frothy Moon. The rotation of getting the support, as well as supporting the area, shows.

The establishment sources local products and materials from the Historic Triangle when available. Donation yoga classes are held one Saturday a month.

Frothy Moon’s newest local addition is a turquoise picnic table from the Present at the Table movement to promote unity and conversation.

(Stephanie Sabin/WYDaily)

“We have also been hosting craft events, at no charge to the vendors. It is just another small way we can give back,” said Trainum, “Vendors and guests have enjoyed them and we plan to continue doing more.”

On tap for the future is live, local music and a continued trajectory of locally-owned food trucks. Additionally, the brewhouse will continue to launch new beers.

“We are still trying to find what works on this side of town. There is not as much over here and we want to give these beautiful local neighborhoods a community place to go, where people can meet up,” said Halfpenny, ” Our hashtags are #community, #commongood, and #craft.”

To find out what’s on tap, follow the Frothy Moon Brewhouse Facebook page.

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