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Monday, May 20, 2024

Wong Way’s Food: Doing Cantonese Cuisine Right

Nick Wong, owner of Wong Ways Food, curates a menu that features classic Cantonese recipes, including a few inventions of his own. (Courtesy of Nick Wong)

WILLIAMSBURG –It’s not a brick and mortar restaurant yet, but that doesn’t stop Wong Way’s Food from serving up great food to the community.

If you haven’t heard of this new, up-and-coming Williamsburg business, Wong Way’s Food reintroduces people to Chinese food by presenting the real deal. 

Started February of this year, the business is a home-based, meal delivery and catering service founded by Nick Wong. 

“When my family moved here, there weren’t really any places to get the food we had available back in New York,” Wong said. His family moved from Brooklyn when he was young. His maternal grandparents ran a takeout restaurant back in New York. 

After studying business and management at Old Dominion University and graduating in 2020, Wong started thinking about what he could introduce to the community. What he decided was that an authentic Chinese food business seemed like the perfect fit. 

“I feel like I have so much to give back to the community,” Wong said, adding that he has always considered Williamsburg to be his home. 

A self-taught cook, Wong spent most of his childhood in the kitchen with his mom. Instead of watching cartoons, he watched cooking shows on the Food Network. Wong said that his idols are Julia Childs, Bobby Flay, and Ming Tsai, but his biggest inspiration comes from his mom. 

So what makes Wong Way’s Food better than your average take-out Chinese?

A dedication to the craft of good food and community. 

Taking a note out of Ming Tsai’s book, Wong uses fresh ingredients. “It’s a taste difference,” he said.

Some of the popular dishes off Wong’s menu include barbecue pork ribs and soy sauce chicken.  

“It’s what I grew up eating,” Wong said. “My parents are both from Hong Kong, so it’s stuff near the water, usually steamed or cooked in a little oil or other fats,” he said. 

The Shumai Burger from Wong Way’s Food (Courtesy of Nick Wong)

For the Fourth of July weekend, Wong debuted the Shumai burger, which became an instant hit. Inspired by classic Dim Sum, as well as a range of small dishes enjoyed around breakfast and lunch, the burger is sandwiched between a brioche bun from the Virginia Bread Company. 

“I try to shop local as much as I can and support small businesses so we can both grow together,” Wong said. 

The menu also rotates items on occasion, providing a new dish each time to keep things fun and fresh. 

To order from Wong Way’s Food, visit the website by clicking here. Wong also posts menu updates on social media, so check out the Facebook page by clicking here.

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