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Yamachan brings Japanese food back to Patriot Plaza

Yamachan is open in Patriot Plaza. (WYDaily/ Andrew Harris)
Yamachan is open in Patriot Plaza. (WYDaily/ Andrew Harris)

Patriot Plaza once again has Japanese food.

Yamachan opened the week before Thanksgiving in the spot formerly held by Snap-a-Roll on Richmond Road.

Snap-a-Roll shuttered in October 2017, when a former manager announced the closing in a social media post that was critical of owner Song “Sam” Huang.

The new restaurant’s menu is a hodgepodge of Japanese-inspired tastes. Customers can build their own poke bowl – a Hawaiian sushi-like dish based on diced raw fish.

“You pick and choose what you want in your poke bowl, except we have more Japanese ingredients,” manager Angelica Rivas said.

Guests can choose between tuna, salmon, red snapper for the protein in their poke bowl, and can then choose between a few varieties of rice or noodles to throw in.

Yamachan also offers Ramen bowls, and guests can pick between different broths, noodles and protein for their meal.

They also have two flavors of wings on the menu- soy garlic and kimchi-glazed.

Rivas said thus far their most popular item has been the boba tea.

Also known as milk bubble tea, Rivas said Yamachan’s boba tea is Thai tea with milk on top and either tapioca balls or jellies in the bottom of the cup, which provide a sweet taste.

Rivas said boba teas are popular among college students who are looking to relax as they study. Yamachan offers free WiFi and a quiet room for students.

Rivas added they plan to add a selection of board games for customers to play at their table.

“It’s open and laid back,” Rivas said. “Our main audience we’re trying to focus on is the students down the street at William & Mary.”

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