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Local Author Releasing Second Novel for Young Adults

Color the Sky with Song (Provided by Brian Forrester)

WILLIAMSBURG — Local Williamsburg Brian Forrester recently announced the release of his second young adult novel, “Color The Sky With Song.”

The book is currently available on e-reader and will be released in paperback on July 10.

Forrester said his love of writing began when he was a child. He started with cartooning and recalls a love for doodling and entertained thoughts that he would one day be a Walt Disney animator. From there, he began doodling stories and writing small plays for school.

In college, Forrester began to take narrative and story structure more seriously, and afterward, spent several years in ministry as a pastor and worked on honing his storytelling skills through messages and other written materials.

In addition to writing, Forrester also owns a marketing agency, where Forrester said he has been a copywriter for various companies over the years.

Ten years ago, he started working on novels, and currently he has published two: “The Jungle Within” and the newly released “Color The Sky With Song.”

“Color The Sky With Song” is a story about 14-year-old Lucy who longs to escape the dreary town of Nether. Burdened by unloving parents and a soul-crushing job in a magnet factory, she dreams of a better life beyond the mountains. But when she finally escapes with the help of her grandfather, she uncovers secrets that upend everything she was raised to believe. As Lucy and a friend embark on a journey to find the two powerful forces who control the outside world, she finds herself in the middle of a cosmic clash between good and evil, with the souls of those she loves hanging in the balance.

“I am inspired by trying to utilize the power of story to move people to consider larger life decisions,” Forrester explained. “I’ve always said for this particular book that if you enjoy the emotional pull of a Pixar movie and you love the whimsy and imagination of Narnia, if you love the mind-bending concepts of the Matrix, mix that all together and you get ‘Color The Sky With Song.'”

“There’s a lot of components in here that will hopefully make people want to look at their life and the world with fresh eyes,” Forrester continued.

The book will eventually be available in retail stores in paperback but is currently available as an e-book on Amazon.

Forrester is a father of four grown kids, and in addition, he works with the Williamsburg Regional Library which is a sponsor of the writers group he is a part of. The writing group meets once a month at the Stryker Center with other writers, some who are aspiring authors and others who are already published.

Forrester is also planning a book launch within the writer’s group community with all of his close writer friends during the July 21 writer’s group meeting.

To learn more about Forrester and his work, visit his official website.

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