Sunday, July 21, 2024

New Exhibit of ‘Art at Wessex Hundred’ Opens June 16

Visitor admiring “Art at Wessex Hundred” pieces (Photo/ Jim McCormick)

WILLIAMSBURG — The “Art at Wessex Hundred” series at Williamsburg Winery continues on June 16 with a new exhibit titled “It’s Summertime — Enjoy Life!”

The exhibit will be on display from June 16 to Sept. 10. It is the fifth rotation of artwork in the highly successful “Art at Wessex Hundred” exhibit that debuted in April 2022. An additional change of artwork is slated for later this fall.

“Art at Wessex Hundred” features the work of talented artists from the region. Since its inception, 45 artists have participated, providing artwork that includes paintings in oil, acrylic, pastels, and watercolor; textile art; mixed media and collages; and art photography.

Several new artists have joined the exhibit, which will feature close to 50 new pieces.

The exhibit has been organized and managed by The Art People (TAP) — a three-person volunteer group from the Williamsburg-area arts community comprised of Cary Garnet, Mary McCormick and Jim McCormick.

“The exhibit has been a wonderful success for our talented local artists — since it opened a year ago, there have been over 100 pieces sold,” Mary McCormick commented about the exhibit.

The exhibit is open to the public and free of charge. Art on display at the exhibit is also for sale. Additionally, the Tasting Room is open seven days a week; check the Winery’s website for specific hours.

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