Thursday, June 13, 2024

Edgar John Nichols, 68, of Williamsburg

Edgar John Nichols (Whiting’s Funeral Home)

Edgar John Nichols was born to Ardella A. Coleman and Robert Johnson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ed professed Christ on several occasions and believed that prayer could change situations and circumstances.


“Ed”, as he was affectionately called, completed his high school years in Philadelphia and immediately joined the United States Navy. He served as an E1 on the USS Donald B. Beary during the Vietnam War Era from 1974 – 1977. As an E5, he served under collateral duties with the Naval Drug Enforcement. Ed had an exceptional work ethic and became a Naval Instructor with the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center where he trained young Officers on gunfire support. He served on the Peterson, DD963 Ship as an Operation Specialist. He progressed in rank and as a Chief Petty Officer and a Senior Chief Petty Officer, he served with the Commanding Force (Naval Air Station), as an Admiral Staff Officer. Ed retired from the military under honorable conditions.

After his military years, Edgar served as a Production Worker at Lipton Tea in Suffolk, Virginia for 17 years. Ed belonged to several brotherhood societies in his lifetime. Ed was a “giver” such that he was an organ donor. The Lions Eye Bank called Ed’s family to thank them for Ed’s gift where he donated his eyes so that two blind recipients would now see! Edgar had natural charisma whereas one would sway to his side with laughter and later would wonder how and at what point did they switch to Ed’s side.


Edgar married the late Sharon Nichols early in his military career and had two daughters, Walisha and the late Nijah Nichols. Later in his military career, Ed had two sons, Jonathan Nichols his mother Lavern, and Solomon Nichols (Crystal) his mother Felecia. After his military career, Edgar married Lillian Nichols. Although Ed and Lillian were separated for many years, they always managed to stay in touch to check on one another’s well-being. Edgar has seven grandchildren, Gloria, Solomon Jr., Elijah, Isaiah, Emmanuel, Angel, and Zariah. Edgar also leaves behind his cousins and family from Philadelphia. One of Edgar’s best family members was his dog, Cookie Mama, who may have barked twice in 12 years.


Edgar fellowshipped with a host of friends at the American Legion Post 67. He served his community through post-events. He looked forward to going to the Post, meeting up with his friends, and watching his favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles; beat out all the other teams. Ed loved soda, pretzels, and hot wings. He has a best buddy, Alton Harrison, who constantly checked on him, traveled with him to the doctor, brought over meals, and helped to clean and shave him up. Ed would call his friend Curtis Cooper and just mention the word ‘hungry’ (sometimes right after he had already eaten) and Curtis Cooper would find a way to drop Ed off some dinner. Ed worked with Alvin Brown at Lipton Tea where they grew a strong brotherhood. Juanita Brock and Ed hung together and as she put it, “We did everything together!” Ed would always pull his phone out and say, “Call Juanita for me!” Many times he just called on his own, so he could talk to his best companion. Clearly, Ed had many compassionate friends in his life.

A memorial service to celebrate Edgar’s life will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, May 4, 2024, at Whiting’s Funeral Home.

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