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Matthew Charles Loedel, 45, of Virginia Beach

Matthew Charles Loedel (Altmeyer Funeral Home)

Matthew Charles Loedel, affectionately known as Matt, was born on November 11, 1978, in Rochester, New York. He peacefully passed away unexpectedly at his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on November 18, 2023. Matt was just 45 years old at the time of his passing.

Matt’s life was filled with moments of joy, love, and inspiration. Throughout his career, he worked as a Sales Consultant with IBM, where he excelled in his field and made a positive impact on those around him. But it was in his personal life that Matt truly shone brightest.

One of his greatest joys was spending time with his family and beloved daughter Eva Maree. Matt cherished the moments they shared together, creating lifelong memories, and nurturing a bond that will forever endure.

Matt had many other interests that brought him immense happiness. He enjoyed golfing with friends, who became family, finding solace in the scenic greens of new courses on his travels, and friendly competition. Fly fishing with his father and brother was another cherished pastime, fostering connections through a shared love of nature. Furthermore, deep-sea fishing with his friends allowed Matt to escape into the vastness of the ocean. These shared outdoor adventures brought them closer and created lasting memories of laughter and camaraderie.

Music and movies were a significant part of Matt’s life. He had an eclectic taste, appreciating various genres and styles. Whether it was finding solace in the melodies or being transported to different worlds through films, Matt found comfort and inspiration within these art forms.

A noteworthy trait of Matt was his culinary talent. His kitchen was his sanctuary, where he delighted in preparing meals for his loved ones. With his skillful hands and creative mind, he cooked up delights that brought smiles to the faces of those fortunate enough to taste them.

Matt leaves behind a loving and devoted family, including his daughter Eva Maree and her mother Sehr Loedel, as well as his parents, Jim and Susan Loedel, and his brother, AJ. Additionally, he is survived by many extended family members and friends whose lives he touched with his compassionate and uplifting spirit.

Services to honor and celebrate Matt’s life will be held at a later date. It will be a warm gathering of family and friends, where stories will be shared, memories cherished, and the impact of Matt’s presence in their lives honored.

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