Monday, September 25, 2023

WISC Gymnasts Wrap Up Stellar Seasons

Alexis Brender A' Brandis is ranked top 100 in her level. (Photo courtesy of WISC)
Alexis Brender A’ Brandis is ranked top 100 in her level. (Photo courtesy of WISC)

The Warhill Indoor Sports Complex gymnastics program is wrapping up a successful 2015-16 season that featured a number of winners from across different levels.

U.S. Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program teams are split into levels ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most difficult.

In order to qualify for a level, a gymnast must meet a series of prerequisites that include meeting a minimum age requirement and surpassing an all-around score benchmark from lower levels.

The USA Junior Olympic Program has three competitive age divisions – Child, Junior and Senior. The Child Division is for gymnasts ages 6 to 11 and the Junior Division is for ages 12 to 15.

WISC’s Junior Olympic Optional level eight athlete Natalie Stauch put together a strong performance in the state meet and qualified for the Region Seven meet in Pennsylvania earlier this month. Stauch took home two medals in the beam and vault. Joining her was Jocelyn Covaney, who finished third in the vault.

Earlier this month, the WISC Optional team competed at the level six state meet at Radford University. Zoe Wallace posted the highest all-around score for the session en route to earning a state championship. She also took first place in the vault, second on the uneven bars and third on the beam.

Her teammate, McKenna Vischer, earned second on the beam and third on the floor.

Laurel Ho, a level-five gymnast for WISC, earned a state championship on the floor and a third-place finish in the vault.

Additionally, four WISC gymnasts are ranked in the top 100 in their respective levels by USA Gymnastics. Alexis Brender A’ Brandis, Kimberly King, Emma Lobash and Zoe Wallace all earned recognition for their performances this season.

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