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Warhill Sophomore Asks Community to Help Him Raise $7K to Wrestle in International Tournament

Trey Drummond hopes to raise $7,000 to compete in the Down Under Sports wrestling tournament. (photo courtesy of Yinoris Drummond)
Trey Drummond hopes to raise $7,000 to compete in the Down Under Sports wrestling tournament. (Photo Courtesy of Yinoris Drummon

Trey Drummond’s wrestling skills have given him the opportunity to take his first trip outside the U.S.

The Warhill sophomore hopes friends, family and other members of the community will rally behind his selection as a Virginia Representative to the Down Under Sports wrestling tournament through donations to his campaign GoFundMe, a crowdfunding site.

Drummond, 16, found out about his selection in March, when Warhill Coach Scott Lish pulled him out of class to give him the letter inviting him to the tournament that will take place in Australia and New Zealand from June 27 to July 5.

“It’s a big opportunity for me,” Drummond said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance, getting to go to Australia and wrestle. You rarely go international to wrestle.”

Neither Drummond nor Lish applied to be a part of the tournament, but Drummond — a Conference 25 champion who has appeared in two Virginia High School League state meets — garnered the attention of tournament officials anyway.

Lish became aware of Down Under Sports — which hosts international tournaments for wrestling, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, track and field, and volleyball — when one of his former wrestlers, Jamestown grad Davin Sharp Jr., was invited to participate in 2000. He encouraged Drummond to take advantage of the opportunity to compete with more than 100 wrestlers from around the world.

“It’s a great way for Trey to see parts of the world he may never get a chance to.”

Drummond’s participation in the tournament is far from certain. After discussing the tournament at length with his parents, they decided he would opt out of the trip if fundraising efforts could not cover the $7,000 needed to pay for his travel, lodging and food.

Since Drummond and his mother, Yinoris, launched the GoFundMe page April 1, $800 has been raised. They hope to raise the full amount by June 1.

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Trey Drummond is hoping to raise $7,000 to fund his trip to the Down Under Sports wrestling tournament.

Click here to visit Drummond’s GoFundMe campaign page and donate.


Having dealt with Type 1 diabetes since he was 4 years old and celiac disease for the past two years, Drummond is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

“I love the challenge, preparation and training wrestling brings on a daily basis,” he wrote on his donation page. “I have not allowed the challenges of my diabetes or celiac disease to limit my ability to succeed in sports.”

Drummond began wrestling at age 7, and participated in youth wrestling and football with the Williamsburg Hornets. An all-around athlete, Drummond is also the catcher for the Warhill Lions’ baseball team.

The standout athlete is also active in giving back to the athletic community, offering his help to the Williamsburg Hornets and assisting his Warhill wrestling team with its annual Toys for Tots drive.

Drummond believes competing in the 19th annual Down Under Sports wrestling tournament will not only help him hone his wrestling skills and understanding of the sport, but also provide personal growth.

“I’ll see a lot of different styles from all over the world,” Drummond said. “Wrestling on a big stage will help coming back here wrestling in states. Obviously I’d miss my family, but it’d be cool to go down there and explore who I am as a person.”

And while raising the money will prove challenging, Drummond won’t be lacking in support from his friends, family and coaches.

“I’m so happy for him,” Lish said. “If he’s able to raise the money, it’ll be an experience he will never forget.”

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