Sunday, October 1, 2023

Simple Steps to Excellent Exterior Weatherization

(StatePoint Media)

NEW YORK — The winter season often brings strong winds and harsh weather. However, you can stop drafts and prevent damage from occurring to your home’s exterior with proper weatherization. Follow these top tips to keep your house in great shape through the winter season and beyond.

Strong Foundation: Check for any cracks or breaks in your home’s foundation by doing a thorough search. Issues in this area can lead to water damage inside your home and create the means for pests to invade. Seal up any cracks with quick-dry mortar or expanding foam filler to provide excellent protection.

Frozen Faucet Prevention: Avoid frozen pipes during those cold winter months with the Duck brand Faucet Cover. This easy-to-install cover helps trap the heat that naturally radiates through the interior pipes to the outdoor spigot and keeps temperatures regulated. Simply place the cover around the spout of any exterior faucet and slide tight for cold-weather winter protection.

Garage Prep: The largest entry point of the home is often the most overlooked — the garage. However, it’s easy to prevent snow, water and cold gusts of air from entering with a Duck brand Garage Bottom Seal. Heavy-duty and waterproof, the rubber material won’t freeze or crack and creates a protective airtight seal all year long.

Chimney Sweep: While it’s clear outside, inspect the chimney vents on your roof to clear any blockages. This step also protects against unwanted rodents or birds taking claim in the warmth of the vents. Nervous about handling any gas-related home maintenance tasks? Make the investment and call a professional to do a simple inspection or cleanup for a safe way to keep your fireplace running smoothly.

Regardless of the age of your home, prevention and maintenance can help it withstand harsh climate shifts, humidity and general weathering, so that it remains in excellent condition for years.

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