Monday, March 4, 2024

BREAKING: President Biden Announces Pfizer, Moderna Booster Shots Will Be Available Sept. 20

President Biden announced in a briefing Wednesday that COVID-19 booster vaccines will be available for all fully-vaccinated Americans starting Sept. 20. (WYDaily media)

NATIONWIDE — The Biden administration unveiled plans on Wednesday to begin rolling out COVID-19 vaccine booster shots on Sept. 20 for Americans who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

In light of the recent Delta variant surges, a third shot will be offered to Americans who received their second vaccine dose at least eight months ago.

President Joe Biden announced the plan for COVID-19 booster shots for all fully vaccinated Americans during a briefing Wednesday afternoon.

“Now this will boost your immune response and will increase your protection from COVID-19,” Biden said. “It’s the best way to protect ourselves from new variants that could arise.”

As with the initial dose, health care providers, nursing home residents and other seniors could be the first in line to receive the booster.

During his remarks, Biden also urged employers to “do the right thing” for their employees, consumers and businesses and require vaccinations.

“Vaccination requirements have even around for decades,” he said. “It’s time for others to step up. Employers have more power today to end this pandemic than they have ever had before.”

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