Friday, December 8, 2023

Dominion Energy Sets Goals for Carbon-Reduction in Vehicles

Dominion Energy has announced a new initiative to convert the company’s fleet to vehicles who use cleaner-burning alternatives by 2030 (Photo by Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexels)

NATIONWIDE — Dominion Energy has announced a plan to convert its vehicle fleet to ones that use clean or alternative energies.

In an August 10 release, the Richmond-based company made the announcement that, as part of its Green Fleet Initiative, it plans to convert a significant number of its 8,600 vehicle fleet to those that use electric or alternative energies by 2030. This will help the company work towards its goal of net zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

In the announcement, Dominion Energy outlined part of its commitment in the following statement:

“Among Dominion Energy’s commitments:

  • 75% of passenger vehicles, including sedans and SUVs, will be converted to electric power by 2030.
  • 50% of work vehicles – from full-size pickups and bucket trucks to forklifts and ATVs – will be converted by 2030 to plug-ins, battery electric vehicles, or vehicles fueled by cleaner-burning alternatives, such as hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and compressed natural gas. In the transition, the company will make use of trucks equipped with emissions-reducing ePTO (Electric Power Takeoff) systems.
  • 100% of all new vehicles – from sedans to heavy-duty vehicles – purchased will be powered either by electricity or alternative fuels, after 2030.”

Dominion Energy, which services approximately 7 million customers in sixteen different states, is also a member of the Electric Highway Coalition. Formed in March 2021, the coalition is committed to growing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions within the regions of its members in order to ensure that EV drivers have safe, convenient charging options along travel routes.

“We know our customers and shareholders have heightened expectations about our role in society,” said Wendy Wellener, Dominion Energy’s vice president of shared services. “They are telling us that they want a company that is mindful of its impact on the world around us. They want a company that leads on clean energy. But they also want safe, reliable and affordable service. We are listening. And we believe this initiative, which drives change across the states where we do business, meets those expectations.”

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