Sunday, December 10, 2023

Earn Unique Pins for Visiting Virginia State Parks

From 2017 to 2018, attendance at York River State Park dropped 17 percent. (WYDaily/Courtesy of DCR/Virginia State Parks)
Virginia State Parks’ Trail Quest allows participants to win unique pins after visiting the parks. (WYDaily file/Courtesy of DCR/Virginia State Parks)

STATEWIDE — Need a new outdoor challenge?

You can now earn pins just by visiting Virginia State Parks and recording the date of the visit.

Virginia State Parks’ Trail Quest allows visitors to register each new park they experience and receive a unique pin. 

Participants will receive their first pin after logging their first park visit, and then will receive four more pins after visiting five, 10, 20 and all parks. 

Each pin is exclusive to Trail Quest participants, and if you make it to all of the state parks, you earn the Master Hiker pin and a special hiking stick medallion. 

Each member of the family can participate in Trail Quest and can sign up now to start earning pins. Children without an email account can use their parent’s.

After each park visit, participants can log onto the Virginia State Parks Adventures page and select the name of the park they visited, choose “Trail Quest” and record the date of the visit to track their progress.

Visit here to register for Trail Quest. 

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