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The unique holidays of May

NATIONWIDE — The month of May is chock full of observances, awareness, and days to observe serious issues that effect Americans.

In the midst of these difficult days, there are also some other holidays to provide a bit of levity to our lives. Below is a list of some of these dates!

National Lumpy Rug Day (May 3): Have a rug that needs smoothing? Well, there is a day for that! The reason for this holiday is two-fold: To encourage people to smooth out their rugs during spring cleaning or to recognize the comfort that an old, lumpy rug might bring. Either way, shake out those lumps and take comfort in that old rug!

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Star Wars Day (May 4): This day is a wordplay on the ubiquitous phrase from the famous space-fantasy franchise . So, if you see an excessive number of light sabers, Yoda ears and can’t stop watching that awesome viral video from 2016 where Texas mom, Candace Payne, donned a Chewbacca Mask, then you know that Star Wars Day has arrived.

If you need a reminder of what Ms. Payne calls: “simple joy,” watch her in the 2016 video below:


International Tuba Day (May 7): Tubists, celebrate! There is a day just for you! International Tuba Day was founded to not only celebrate the instrumentalists, but also to tip one’s marching band cap to the handling of the giant brass instruments. The organizers of this day encourage you to not just think of the value of a tuba in your local biergarten’s “Oompah” band, but also the lung power and rhythmic tenacity of the players.

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National Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9): What happens to those socks that seem to go missing in the vortex of your dryer? What about that wayward, single sock that you might see on the side of the road? This is the day to remember all of those forlorn socks. And what to do with those single socks you have floating around? The blog, Fabulessly Frugal, has you covered! Click here for a number of fun DIY projects with those old socks.

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National Sea Monkey Day (May 16): Those mysterious creatures that have become synonymous with “childhood pet” has their own day of honor. These little brine shrimp, which are translucent, have three eyes, and breathe through their feet, have provided generations of children with a great deal of excitement and their first taste of responsibility.

National Memo Day (May 21): Each year, we celebrate those delightful little notes you receive from your boss or the “honey-do” lists left by your significant other with National Memo Day. Short for “memorandum,” this day encourages people to write a note to someone to inform them about something. So, put your pens to paper and let someone know something!

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Don’t Fry Friday (May 28): While some may think this day may be synonymous with fried food, it actually has nothing to do with it. In fact, this is the one very serious observance on this list. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has reserved this day to encourage sun safety before we hit the beach or other outdoor adventures Memorial Day weekend. To learn some sun-smart safety tips, click here.

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