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Virginia Run For The Fallen starts this weekend

The 250 mile run to Arlington National Cemetery pays tribute to all the fallen Virginia heroes since the start of the War on Terror. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Virginia Run For The Fallen)

STATEWIDE — There is just one more day until Virginia Run For The Fallen, a 250 mile run created by Honor and Remember Inc. to memorialize Virginian soldiers fallen since the War on Terror began.

The run is broken up into a four day trek throughout the first weekend of May. This year, it will be happening April 28 through May 2 from Fort Story in Virginia Beach to Arlington National Cemetery.

At approximately every mile mark, a pre-staked Heroes Marker is placed. The marker will state the time and place when runners will arrive, but most importantly, the markers will also have the name of a fallen solider. Some of the markers will have more than one listed.

A small team of runners will arrive at the marker carrying four flags: the American, state, Honor and Remember and Sacrifice Flags. While at each mile marker, the information about each hero will be read and a small flags will be placed.

(WYDaily/Courtesy of Virginia Run for the Fallen)

At each mile marker, the participating runners read the names of the heroes, what branch of service each served, and of each service member’s death. After all of the names are read, a salute is called. Runners will carry and place flags before paying respect to waiting family members.

This all occurs in 90 seconds or less before the runners set off to next mile marker to honor another hero or heroes. Families can also visit together before and after the runners arrive to each marker.

The total run to Arlington National Cemetery represents every service member from Virginia who has laid down their lives for freedom’s cause.

The schedule for this year’s run looks like this.

Day 1 – Thursday, April 30
HM 1-57 – 57 miles
Fort Story, Virginia Beach to North Gloucester
7:00 a.m. start & evening dinner

Day 2 – Friday, May 1
HM 58-132 – 65 miles
North Gloucester to Dahlgren
6:00 a.m. start & evening dinner

Day 3 – Saturday, May 2
HM 133 – 212 – 69 miles
Dahlgren to Manassas
6:00 a.m. start & evening dinner

Day 4 – Sunday, May 3
HM 213 – 250 – 36 miles
Buckhall Volunteer Fire Dept. to Arlington National Cemetery
7:30 am start

To view the route, click hereTo sign up to run, click here. 

Below are some more images from Virginia Run for the Fallen:


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