Saturday, December 9, 2023

Each year on his birthday, this anonymous donor will give a free roof to a veteran

HAMPTON — The city was notified by Langley Air Force Base that an anonymous donor wanted to give a free roof to a veteran of his choosing.

Bruce Sturk, the city’s director of Federal Facilities Support, said the donor will give one roof a year on his birthday to a different veteran — it’s open to all veterans in the Hampton Roads area.

The criteria for the donation is very simple.

The veteran must submit a statement on why he or she believes that they deserve a new roof and the donor will choose which veteran to give it to.

Sturk has no idea who the donor is but believes he owns a roofing business.

Sturk, who is overseeing the statements, said there have been four statements sent in so far with what he believes to be compelling reasons.

There are no official parameters so Sturk believes that this could be any veteran in the Hampton Roads area, not confined to the city of Hampton specifically.

To be considered for this opportunity, send a statement to with information about your service, current situation, how it would benefit you, contact info, service dates and character of discharge.

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