Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Newport News Police join #9PMRoutine. Here’s what it is

(HNNDaily Photo/ Courtesy of the Newport News City website)
(HNNDaily Photo/ Courtesy of the City of Newport News)

NEWPORT NEWS — Did you forget the keys in your car, again?

Break the habit with #9PMRoutine, Newport News Police Department’s newest social media strategy.

The department is now encouraging residents to lock up their homes and vehicles using the social media hashtag, #9PMRoutine.

The now nationwide, social media campaign started with a local sheriff’s office in Pasco County, Florida that wanted to reduce the amount of unlocked vehicle thefts.

The sheriff’s office decided to post a picture with the caption #9PMRoutine on social media, every night at 9, to remind residents to remove valuables from their cars and to lock their doors.

The photos over the years have evolved to funny memes, interactive gifs and short video clips.

Why is there a need for this in Hampton Roads?

Sometimes people leave their keys in the car. Other times, spare keys are purposely “hidden” in their vehicle or valuables are left clearly visible, according a Newport News Police news release.

“We certainly understand that life gets hectic sometimes and forgetting to lock your car happens,” said NNPD spokeswoman Kelly King. “That’s why we ask that you please follow us so we can help remind you and hopefully help you protect what belongs to you.”

Newport News Police will post the #9PMRoutine reminders on all of their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, starting this week at 9 p.m.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

Set an alarm on your smartphone, watch or other device to remind yourself to do the following:

  • Remove valuables (electronic devices, wallets, etc.) from your vehicle.
  • Ensure that vehicle doors and trunks are locked.
  • Check that all home exterior doors – and garage doors – are locked.
  • Turn on exterior lights.
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