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Ever wondered how they keep the public pools clean? Well, here’s how

(HNNDaily Photo/courtesy of Pixabay)
(HNNDaily Photo/courtesy of Pixabay)

HAMPTON — The city’s Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Department is in charge of two public indoor pools and it adheres to a strict cleaning schedule to keep things safe.

Bob Manners, aquatics unit manager for the department, said the water is tested every two hours in order to maintain healthy ph levels.

The department’s water testing system is all automated, making it a lot easier to keep the water safe while other components of the pool are maintained, Manners said.

Another way the city keeps the water clean, especially when there are a lot of people in and out of the pool, is by backwashing the filters.

That’s done manually by a city employee, Manners said.

While there is very little about an indoor pool that can make it unsafe to swim in when properly chlorinated, the city does keep an eye on the circulation of the water through filters.

Manners said sometimes if the power goes out, the filters can stop circulating. When that happens, then it’s unsafe to swim in the pool.

It’s not necessary to drain the pools every year – Manners said indoor pools are drained every few years.

Employees will vacuum the bottom of the pool periodically, ore often during days when there are more people using it.

There are a number of outdoor pools as well in the city but they are run by separate groups from the city’s Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Department. 

Ways the public can help keep the water safe

There are a few ways the public can help keep the pools clean, Manners said.

Patrons should always shower before entering the pool and if they are having any intestinal problems they should avoid the water that day, Manners said.

Sunscreens, lotions and so on will not have any effect on the water’s safety.

To learn more about the public pools in the city, click here.

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