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The Hampton Roads Convention Center will host its first apiary convention

(HNNDaily Photo/courtesy of the city of Hampton)
(HNNDaily Photo/courtesy of the city of Hampton)

HAMPTON — The 2018 Eastern Apicultural Society of North America’s Annual Conference is coming to the Hampton Roads Convention Center from Aug. 13-18.

The convention center will welcome approximately 600 beekeepers from across the globe, including internationally known research scientists, extension apiculturalists, apiary inspectors and beekeeping experts from as far away as England, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, according to the city.

The beekeepers will get the chance to showcase an onsite apiary with more than 25 hives and 1.5 million bees, the first of its kind for any event taking place in the center, according to the city.

“After a 22-year hiatus, we are thrilled to once again welcome beekeepers from around the globe to Hampton, Virginia for the week-long Eastern Apicultural Short Course and Conference,” said Pamela Fisher, 2018 Eastern Apicultural Society president. “EAS is one of the few bee meetings where attendees may choose from among several concurrent lectures, workshops, or instruction in the apiary depending on one’s interests. Social events are planned every evening. It’s an amazing educational opportunity for beekeepers of all skill levels.”

Highlights of the 2018 Eastern Apicultural Society of North America Conference include classroom lectures, hands-on workshops, and instruction in the apiary.

Attendees must bring a veil to participate in the apiary sessions.

In addition, the conference will host the Honey Show, one of the most prestigious shows of its type in the world.

Beekeepers are invited to bring their best examples of honey, beeswax, mead (honey wine), photography, gadgets, crafts, and even cookery to compete for silver trophies (and of course, bragging rights).

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Winning entries are auctioned to raise funds for honey bee research.

For information on the 2018 Eastern Apicultural Society of North America Conference, including registration, click here.

For the Public

On Aug. 15, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m., Washington Youth Garden Program Coordinator Thea Kline-Mayer will present a hands-on, 90-minute program where youth will learn about honey bees, pollination, and honey through play, art, and science activities.

The free program is open to all children.

Visit bit.ly/beescienceforkids to register.

Also on Aug. 15, 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m., Eastern Apicultural Society of North America will screen the film “Queen of the Sun,” to be followed by a beekeeper-moderated discussion.

The public is invited to join the free screening and discussion in Ballroom ABC of the Hampton Road Convention Center.

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