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Here are a few things you should know about Hampton’s fiscal year 2019 budget

HAMPTON — Earlier this month, the city approved its fiscal year 2019 budget at its City Council meeting.

The fiscal year will begin on July 1 and run until June 30, 2019.

Here are a few important things you should know about the city’s budget:

  • The total fiscal year 2019 city budget is $471,165,931, a 0.71 percent increase over fiscal year 2018.
  • There are no local tax or fee increases in fiscal year 2019. The real estate tax rate remains unchanged at $1.24 per $100 assessed value and the personal property tax rate remains unchanged at $4.50 per $100 assessed value, according to the budget.
  • There was an increase in funding for public safety positions. Total funding in fiscal year 2019 for public safety is $49,791,850, which is an increase of $634,158. The added funding will be in part used to fund five new police officers. “Hampton City Council has been gracious enough to provide funding for the division to hire five additional police officers during the fiscal year,” said Lt. Jason Price. “Once hired and they complete basic training at the Hampton Police Academy and completion of the PTO (Patrol Training Officer) program these officers will help to augment areas of the division that require additional manning.  However, it would be premature to know their exact assignments due to the fluidity of police work and the needs of the community.”
  • The total school budget for fiscal year 2019 is $202 million. The total city contribution is $73 million, which is an increase from fiscal year 2018 by $790,626. The added funds will be used in part for maintenance for schools and a 2 percent increase in teacher pay.
  •  The city is allocating $7 million to fund safe water initiatives, which include watershed studies and drainage improvement projects and construction of various stormwater management facilities to reduce flooding and treat stormwater runoff.
     To read the full budget, click here.

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