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ICYMI: Meet 2024 Miss Williamsburg Taylor Curro

Taylor Curro, the reigning Miss Williamsburg. (Taylor Curro)

WILLIAMSBURG — Taylor Curro is no stranger to the world of pageantry. Searching for scholarship opportunities as a high school student, Curro saw a sign advertising the Miss Isle of Wight County Fairs pageant.

She competed in the teen division as a junior in high school and earned first runner-up. The following year, Curro competed again, this time in the Miss division, and earned the title for 2021-22. After serving a stint during the 2022-23 pageant season as Miss Stafford County Fair, Curro was crowned Miss Williamsburg 2024 at a pageant held in early January.

A senior at the University of Virginia, Curro is a double major in psychology and statistics, balancing her time between pageantry and her education. Curro is passionate about her platform; “Just A Moment of Your Time.”

After almost losing her grandmother to medical malpractice and as a child of two Air Force veterans, Curro launched her platform to bring attention to the way that veterans and their families are treated.

“It’s really about thanking those who have served this country. I’m a military child so I know firsthand the struggles of what it means to be in a military family. Back in December of 2018, I almost lost my grandmother to malpractice in a veterans hospital. I did a lot of research and I realized how veterans aren’t being treated the way that they should be. I’m a big advocate for thanking our veterans and their families for serving this country,” Curro said.

At the Miss Williamsburg pageant, Curro was able to meet with the current Miss Virginia, Katie Rose. Curro was eager to speak to Rose during the weekend, inquiring about what it truly means to represent the state with the crown.

“I really wanted to understand what it means to be Miss Virginia. I wanted to learn more about if I would fit that position. Miss Virginia is a full-time job. If you become Miss Virginia, you are expected to take a year off work or school to fulfill the duties of the title. I was asking her what that was like and what her obligations were. If you were applying for a job, you would want to ask someone who already works there what the day to day looks like and that’s how I approached speaking with Katie,” Curro said.

Curro is aware of the common stigmas attached to pageants, noting that the word “beauty” is often used before the word pageant when people talk about them.

Reigning Miss Virginia 2023, Katie Rose (L) and Miss Williamsburg 2024 Taylor Curro at the pageant (Taylor Curro)

“When I tell people that I do pageants in general, they always put the word beauty in front of it and call them beauty pageants. I have to correct them, I’m not doing beauty pageants. I’m not judged on my physical appearance. It’s a scholarship pageant. I’m being judged on my intellect, my history with community service, my platform, it’s not all about looks,” Curro said.

Curro will go on to compete at the 2024 Miss Virginia state pageant in June, and if chosen as Miss Virginia, Curro will head to the Miss America pageant.

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’m excited because it’s been a bit since I’ve competed at a state-level competition, and I’ve never competed in the Miss Virginia pageant. I’m nervous, though, too, because they did raise the age limit for the competition to 28. I’m a little on the younger side, so I’m a little nervous that I won’t stand out among all these women who are amazing and wonderful and already have their doctorate or their masters, or their own nonprofits that they own,” Curro said.

For young girls who are looking to get started in pageants, Curro highly encourages it, as long as the contestants are true to themselves.

“You don’t need experience and the money to win. A lot of people think that you need a $1,000 dress and pageant coaching that can get really expensive, but you don’t. A lot of these pageants are looking for the girl next door. As long as you put yourself out there and you exude confidence, you have a great shot at winning a title,” Curro said.

Curro will continue to share updates about her pageant life on her Instagram.

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