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Worldwide Photo Walk Set for Saturday in Colonial Williamsburg

A shot from the 2017 Worldwide Photo Walk in Colonial Williamsburg (Caroline Maryan)

WILLIAMSBURG — Calling all photographers, the 15th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is coming to Williamsburg on Oct. 7 at 8:30 a.m.

Caroline Maryan, a Williamsburg-based travel photographer and blogger, will lead the walk throughout the historic district. According to Maryan, the event is for photographers of all skill levels (including those with cell phones) and is designed to get people out and about taking photos in their communities.

“I love the camaraderie of bringing people together, both beginners and experienced photographers. A lot of people come to the walk by themselves but leave with friends that they made on the walk,” Maryan said.

This will be Maryan’s seventh time leading the walk in the area. As she hands participants a map of Colonial Williamsburg with the route of the walk highlighted, photographers can go off on their own and find what interests them for photos, as well.

“I encourage people to find what excites them. This walk gives people the freedom to take their time and take pictures of what they really want to take pictures of,” Maryan said.

The photo walk in Colonial Williamsburg will begin with a visit to the Williamsburg Farmers Market. The walk will then continue down Duke of Gloucester Street with a stop at the Capitol and the Palace Green. The walk will finish with lunch at Blue Talon Bistro, where everyone will get a chance to show their photos.

“It’s so much fun. When you go on a trip, you are racing to keep up with the tour guide and you barely have time to take anything in. When you are with photographers, you have all the time in the world. We all help each other and chit-chat and it’s just a fun morning,” Maryan said.

Maryan chooses to host the walk in Colonial Williamsburg for a number of reasons, but mainly because every visit to Colonial Williamsburg is different.

“Colonial Williamsburg is always changing. You can’t say ‘oh I’ve been there,’ because each season is different. There may be an oxcart in the middle of the street or a drama playing out, you never know what you are going to see,” Maryan said.

The walk will be held rain or shine and is free. Colonial Williamsburg tickets are not necessary to walk the perimeter of Colonial Williamsburg, but if interested in photographing gardens or inside buildings, tickets are required.

“So much of the time, if you are creative, you are taking time to do something and everyone else is trying to push you along. I love giving people an opportunity to do this on their own time and see what they can do with a camera,” Maryan said.

After the walk, photographs can be uploaded to the Worldwide Photo Walk website for a chance to win prizes. While the walk is free, donations are accepted and will be sent to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya.

Those interested in participating must register ahead at this link.

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