Friday, July 12, 2024

JCC’s Heads Up Program Lets Residents Provide Pre-Existing Conditions for First Responders

(WYDaily/Courtesy James City County)
James City County’s Heads Up Program allows residents to provide information about pre-existing conditions to prepare first responders. (WYDaily file/Courtesy James City County)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — James City County (JCC) residents have a way to give first responders a “heads up” during an emergency.

JCC’s Heads Up Program allows residents to provide information about any pre-existing conditions to the Emergency Communications Center.

The information can then be passed on to first responders to prepare them for these conditions prior to their arrival in an emergency.

The conditions can include babies at risk of SIDS, cardiac patients, pulmonary patients, diabetic patients, mobility-impaired patients, hearing-impaired patients, sight-impaired patients, as well as other disabilities, illnesses and special needs.

Applicants may also include special access instructions for homes or properties.

One the application is submitted to the Emergency Communications Center, the information goes into the system until the applicant cancels the request.

Applicants are encouraged to report any updates and changes as soon as possible.

For more information or to fill out an application, visit here.

For York County residents, the form can be found by clicking here. Residents of the City of Williamsburg can register by clicking here.

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