Tuesday, October 3, 2023

York County Encourages Trick-or-Treaters to Stay Safe this Halloween

York County has safety tips for Trick-or-Treaters.(WYDaily file/Courtesy of Unsplash)
York County has safety tips for Trick-or-Treaters.(WYDaily file/Courtesy of Unsplash)

YORK COUNTY — York County officials have put out a list of safety tips for residents as they take part in this year’s Halloween festivities.

The county encourages residents ages 12 and under to trick-or-treat on Sunday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. Residents participating in handing out candy are asked to turn on their porchlights.

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends adults and children 12 and older to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the vast majority of trick-or-treaters are not able to get the shot. To help prevent the spread, York County has come up with a list of “safe vs. scary” activities for families as they enjoy the day:


  • Incorporate a cloth or surgical mask into your costume.
  • If you go trick-or-treating, do so in small groups outdoors. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities.
  • Wash your hand before you eat any candy.
  • Track local virus transmission and take extra precautions where the rates are high. Check the Virginia Department of Health COVID Tracker.
  • For those 12-years-old and up, get the COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot.


  • Avoid indoor parties, gatherings and crowded doorsteps.
  • Do not invite trick-or-treaters into your home.
  • Avoid using a costume mask as a substitute for a surgical or cloth mask.
  • Please do not trick-or-treat if you feel sick.

York County Fire Chief Stephen Kopczynski and York-Poquoson Sheriff J.D. Danny Diggs would like residents to consider doing the following:

  • Carrying hand sanitizer on you.
  • Not allowing children to take candy directly from the person handing it out.
  • Remind your children to be careful while walking through neighborhoods and to carry a flashlight.
  • Make sure costumes and shoes fit properly to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Purchase costumes that feature a “flame resistant” or “flame retardant” label.
  • Consider wearing bright colors that are easier to see at night.
  • Attach glow-in-the-dark items such as reflective tape to the back of your children’s costumes.

For more information on this year’s Halloween festivities, call York County Fire and Life Safety at 757-890-3600 or the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office at (757) 890-3630.

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