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William & Mary COVID-19 Data At A Glance

COVID-19 graphic (Courtesy of Pexels)

WILLIAMSBURG — In their efforts to help protect students, staff, and the surrounding community, William & Mary (W&M) publishes a public record of COVID-19 data on an online dashboard.

The dashboard is updated every weekday and is a part of the W&M COVID-19 response.

All of these statistics have been updated as of Sept. 28, 2021.

William & Mary’s has a 98% vaccination rate for students. Active positives 13, total positives 303, number of students tested 1051, and total tests administered 1767.

William & Mary has a 95% vaccination rate for employees. Active positives 1, total positives 18, number of employees tested 187, and total tests administered 616.

Regional Results
As of Sept. 28, 2021, there have been 19 cases in Williamsburg, 211 in James City, and 115 in York in the past 7 days.

Mask Guidance
W&M has been periodically publishing their progress and updating their campus policies with their COVID-19 response letters put out by Chief Operating Officer and COVID-19 Director Amy Sebring.

In a Sept. 21 update, the school updated its policy on masks. The updated policy made wearing masks optional when students are outdoors on campus. Previously, the school’s students were required to wear masks when walking outdoors on campus. The school also extended this guidance to events such as Family Week, Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, etc.

W&M continues to require masks while indoors. The only exception is when students are eating indoors. The indoor mask requirement for students is not optional.

The school had anticipated vaccination levels for students to reach 98% for students and a 95% vaccination rate for employees by the end of the month. As of Sept. 28, 2021, they have reached that benchmark.

In a Sept. 28 update, W&M announced that they have extended the indoor masking policy to the end of the fall semester.

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