Sunday, December 10, 2023

Greater Williamsburg Chamber Postpones Oktoberfest To 2022

The Greater Williamsburg Chamber has announced a postponement of its Oktoberfest celebration due to COVID-19 (Courtesy of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber)

WILLIAMSBURG — The Executive Team of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to postpone its annual Oktoberfest event until October 2022 due to the rise of COVID -19 cases in our three localities. This decision, while disappointing, is being made with the safety and health of our community in mind.

The Chamber is thankful for the continued partnership from Busch Gardens; in addition to being the Oktoberfest host they have offered unwavering support over the course of the pandemic.

The Chamber is grateful to the Oktoberfest Committee for putting time and effort into organizing the event, to the Members who planned to attend, and to this year’s Sponsors for their support.

Refunds, including any applicable processing fees, will be promptly processed for those who have purchased Oktoberfest tickets and sponsorships. Contact Lauren Moore, Director of Events, with any questions.

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