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WYCG-TV Partners With National Gallery of Art to Air Series of Documentaries

WYCG-TV has added a a series of art documentaries produced by the National Gallery of Art to its daily lineup (WYDaily/Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

YORK COUNTY — WYCG-TV has added a new program to its lineup that will appeal to local art lovers.

The local channel lineup now includes a series of 30-minute documentaries from the National Gallery of Art (NGA) that focus on painters, sculptors, dancers and art galleries ranging from the Renaissance era to modern time periods.

Paula Hersh, Public Affairs Manager for York County, said that when NGA reached out asking if York County was interested in partnering to carry these documentaries, the answer was an immediate “yes.”

“Being offered this opportunity by the National Gallery of Art really gives us something that we haven’t had before,” said. “It gives us the opportunity to add art to our lineup which we know is of interest to our citizens.”

The programs are produced by NGA’s in-house filmmakers, sound engineer, and their assistants. The films feature on-location filming and acclaimed actors lending their voices, including Stanley Tucci, who narrated the documentary “Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice.”

The programs focus on a wide variety of topics, including Egyptian and Greek Art, 19th Century European Art, 20th Century American Art and New World Archaeology.

“The National Gallery of Art is proud to offer high-quality films to stations across the country free of charge,” Damon Reaves, NGA’s Head of Education, said. “These video programs bring to life a wide range of artists—from the energetic compositions of Stuart Davis to the religious and mythological narratives of Tintoretto. It’s just one way the National Gallery of Art seeks to fulfill its mission of welcoming all people to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared humanity. We hope they lead viewers to learn more about their favorite artists and to discover new ones.”

The programs air daily at 10:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. on WYCG-TV, which is channel 38 for Verizon Fios and 46 for Cox.

Hersh said that the videos will be traded off every couple of weeks and will last about a year’s worth of programs.

WYCG-TV is commercial-free channel that carries local news and stories and promotes services, events and programs in the County. While the channel also carries alert native programming, such as Wildlife Resources or NASA, this arts program offers something different for WYCG-TV viewers.

“This is new for us and I feel very fortune that they’re offering such great programming to these local government channels,” Hersh said.

WYCG-TV can also be streamed live on the York County website.

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