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Schools Start Aug. 30: Here’s What Drivers Need to Know

As students get on and off their school buses everyday, parents expect a level of safety from other drivers on the road. (WYDaily/Alexa Doiron)
With students returning to school on Monday, Aug. 30, here’s what drivers need to know about being on he road.(WYDaily/Alexa Doiron)

HISTORIC TRIANGLE — The first day of school is right around the corner, which means there are extra traffic laws for drivers to be mindful of.

School districts around the Historic Triangle will officially be back in session starting Monday, Aug. 30.

Though school does not start until Aug. 30, York County residents may have noticed school zone lights on a bit early.

York County School Division (YCSD) and York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office (YPSO) have partnered to turn the school zone lights on a week early to remind drivers of where school zones are located and prepare them for school starting.

According to Virginia law, drivers are required to stop for stopped school buses with flashing red lights when approaching from any direction, unless there is a divided median, as well as stop for buses loading or unloading children, even if the lights are not activated.

Failure to stop or remain stopped results in a penalty of $250 for a first-time violation.

Additionally, Williamsburg-James City County Schools (WJCC) has added extra school bus safety measures prior to students’ return.

Over 150 WJCC school buses have been equipped with safety and technology upgrades for the new school year, including stop-arm cameras to help prevent drivers from illegally passing stopped school buses, as well as 360 degree cameras and new wide-angle interior cameras.

Both YCSD and WJCC bus stop and route information are available for the new school year.

Bus stops and bus stop times for YCSD for the upcoming school year can be found online and on the My Stop tracking app.

Information about WJCC bus routes and bus stops are available here. WJCC Schools will also launch a new bus tracking mobile app for the fall.

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