Thursday, November 30, 2023

Calling all Goths: Williamsburg’s The Witching Hour Returns Sept. 21

Carla, third from the left, and Michael Ellis, far right, bring The Witching Hour to Williamsburg (Courtesy of Carla)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — Who says spookiness is only for Halloween? The Witching Hour says otherwise. Goth Nights are officially back in Williamsburg.

Starting Sept. 21, Jolene’s Bar and Grill will be hosting a The Witching Hour, a monthly goth DJ night featuring local DJs, vendors, a tarot card reader, and sometimes live goth bands. The event will take place every third Tuesday of the month at Jolene’s.

Carla, or DJ Little Rose, has had a karaoke disc jockey (DJ) business for nearly 20 years. It wasn’t until about six years ago she started branding herself as a goth DJ.

“The genre interest and appeal is not new,” she said. “For me, it’s definitely the music. Some of it feels like going back to the 80s. It reminds me of when I was a teenager.”

The Witching Hour started when the Triangle, a former restaurant on Prince George St., asked Carla to host a goth night. Six months later, Carla branded the idea into an LLC, and The Witching Hour was born.

Carla also collaborates with fellow DJ and friend, Michael Ellis, aka DJ Astral Eyes. Together, they bring goth music to local businesses all around Hampton Roads, and even as far as Charlottesville.

During the pandemic, Carla brought The Witching Hour to a virtual plane, streaming live on Facebook and Twitch. “I wanted to give something to the community and make sure I was still connecting with people during that time,” she said.

With many COVID-19 restrictions now lifted, Carla is ready to bring The Witching Hour back to in-person. The Sept. 21 event will be the first in-person night since the pandemic started.

Carla said her favorite part about hosting a goth night is being able to create a space that speaks to the subculture of goth and punk in Williamsburg.

“For example, many William and Mary students look for a space like what I provide,” she said. “Many didn’t even realize I was hosting goth nights until they were seniors, and then they had a place to go that spoke to them. It makes me feel very happy that I can create that.”

What does The Witching Hour look like?

Carla said she likes to keep her DJ nights clean, fun, and accepting of all people. “I like to focus on the fashion, community, and music,” she said. “I keep a very open-minded and publicly approachable aesthetic.”

The Witching Hour is still looking for vendors for their goth nights. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, email

For more information on The Witching Hour, visit their Facebook page here or join the Facebook group here. 

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