Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Midshipman Received a Familiarization Tour with EODMU Two Det Yorktown

Midshipmen operate a bomb disposal robot during a familiarization tour at Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Two, Detachment Yorktown. EOD technicians use the robots to closely examine explosive devices from a safe distance. (U.S. Navy photo by Susanne Greene/Released)

YORKTOWN — More than 65 midshipmen from Naval Station Norfolk visited Naval Weapons Station Yorktown for a familiarization tour by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Mobile Unit (EODMU) Two, Detachment Yorktown Aug. 6, 2021.

The midshipman are temporarily staying on Naval Station Norfolk, but are from various universities to include the Naval Academy.

“These midshipmen are completing their first block of career orientation training for midshipmen (CORTRAMID) in between their freshman and sophomore years,” said Lt. Silas Grosch, EODMU Two Det. Yorktown officer-in-charge.

“We split the midshipmen into groups so we can run them through stations demonstrating different EOD skillsets including bomb suit and ordnance carry, robot use, x-ray analysis, demolition tools and buildup, and a rigging or bunkering problem,” said Grosch. “We ended the day with demo volleys that demonstrated the explosive effects of our tools and common demolition materials.”

EODMU Two Det. Yorktown supports local law enforcement and federal agencies when requested for removal of hazards such as cannonballs and other explosive devices that have been found on beaches and personal property.

Senior Chief Kyle Brewer, assigned to EODMU Two Det. Yorktown leading chief petty officer has served in the U.S. Navy for more than 12 years and shared the types of demolition tools that EOD uses. The midshipmen also had an opportunity to ask Brewer questions and gained a greater understanding of how Navy EOD operates that could not have been provided in a traditional classroom setting.

“I provided a basic understanding of the bomb suit to the midshipman,” said Lt. Nicholas Demasters, Carrier Strike Group Eight EOD naval liaison officer. “We broke them up into teams and showed them how to put on the suit, explained the fundamentals of the suit and its significance to provide protection and then had the teams run a relay.” Navy EOD deploys in teams and is a tight-knit community that looks for humble, problem-solving, physically fit and mentally tough men and women who desire to serve their country and are willing to work toward creating an environment where America is undeterred by the threat of explosives.

Navy EOD is responsible for clearing explosive hazards in order to provide access to denied areas and EOD’s unique ability to conduct explosive ordnance disposal operations and clear hazards underwater making them crucial in a future fight for sea control—protecting our Nation’s and partners’ bases, harbors and sea lanes, sea transport capabilities, mobility and combat strength.

They are the only EOD force to operate underwater and in all combat environments. Navy EOD is the premier EOD force for countering weapons of mass destruction by providing forces to prevent acquisition, contain and reduce their threat, and respond to crises. They are the only community with mine warfare as a core competency and their capabilities directly support deterrence of aggression, promote freedom of navigation, and stability in an era of great power competition.

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